Thursday, May 31, 2018

Episode 28: Conan the Destroyer

Dave's copy of Conan the Destroyer
The second Conan movie, Conan the Destroyer is our topic this evening.  We compare and contrast it to the original Robert E Howard stories, as well as the first DeLaurentiis / Schwarzenneger film.  Roger Ebert said "The first Conan movie, "Conan the Barbarian", was a dark and gloomy fantasy about the shadows of prehistory. This second film is sillier, funnier, and more entertaining. It doesn't take place before the dawn of time, but instead in that shadowy period of movie history occupied by queens and monsters, swords and castles, warriors and fools"  He shows a good understanding of the differences,  although we think he was a bit kinder to the film than we are. Join Dave, Jeff and Mike as we slice into Conan the Destroyer. Lot's of laughs and barbaric appreciation.

We will do the Tower of the Elephant next time.  We pushed it back a show. 

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