Monday, January 9, 2017

Episode 15: A Bridge Too Far (1977 Film)

T'was becauze of de fog....'cause of da tea break...because of etc.

We give a warm welcome to our returning guests Jim McDermott and Mike Lembke as we review the classic war film A Bridge Too Far.  Sure, it  feels like a film that should have been made a decade earlier than it was,  due to it's  lack of a modern sensibility. Let's face it, the film was made in 1977, after the Vietnam War.  Even so, we always enjoy an epic WWII film and our thoughts reveal that fact, even as we offer up several constructive criticisms.  We hope we do not digress too often, and that you will enjoy our look at this WWII film.  Hey, at least it has a crudload of tanks and stuff.

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