Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Episode 10: In the Heart of the Sea (book)

If you're like us, your high school years included suffering the torturous punishment that is reading Moby Dick. Ah, the agony of days and days floating and drifting amidst the endless sea of words, helplessly carried at the whim Melville's over-active currents of indecipherable babble. Oh, you survived, to be sure, but the trauma was such that you likely pledged a sacred vow to never again read anything about whales and whaling. We get it. But were going to ask you to reconsider. In today's episode we discuss Nathaniel Philbrick's factual, historical accounting of a whaling voyage gone very wrong. Hair-raising, heart-wrenching and ghastly, In the Heart of the Sea is a great read. A true story about men tested to the limits of their humanity -- and beyond.

You'll want to check out Philbrick's other excellent books at his web site.

Music for tonight's episode is courtesy of Erdenstern. For more information and other great tracks, go to their web site.

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