Saturday, February 20, 2016

Episode 1: The Last Citadel

Here in our first episode, we discuss The Last Citadel by David L. Robbins. This novel of World War II is exacting enough in detail to sate the history buff, but it's equally thrilling and engrossing in execution to satisfy lovers of exciting action stories.

"Spring 1943. In the west, Germany strengthens its choke hold on France. To the south, an Allied invasion looms imminent. But the greatest threat to Hitler’s dream of a Thousand Year Reich lies east, where his forces are pitted in a death match with a Russian enemy willing to pay any price to defend the motherland. Hitler rolls the dice, hurling his best SS forces and his fearsome new weapon, the Mark VI Tiger tank, in a last-ditch summer offensive, code-named Citadel."

Spoiler alert: We don't hold back on our discussion of events in the book, so be warned. If you like to be surprised, we recommend you read the book before you listen. But even if we do reveal more than you may want to know, read the book anyway. It's that good. Otherwise Mr. Robbins has plenty of other novels you'll want to try.

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